Friends Song

Our “Friends Song” introduces two things: Key action verbs related to school life, and an emphasis on friendship/team work.


Each verse mentions two actions that kids do at school (with their friends), and our little chicks imitate each action through a specific dance move 🙂


This is a call and response song, so it’s really easy to sing and chant along. Challenge your kids to follow the dance moves!
Since the verbs are fairly basic, this song is also great for young learners of English (and beginner ESL / EFL).


For teachers: Once you and your students are familiar with the song, you can easily make up your own verses by adding more actions. Remember to add new dance moves, too! Tip: Because of the rhythm of the song, choosing one-syllable verbs is easiest (e.g. write, clap, jump, work, dance, go, run, hop, drink, paint, draw, cut, etc.).